when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote in thepurpledove,
when the gales of November come early

Donation Confirmation!

As we've had quite a few Buy It Nows and early-end auctions, and several questions about where and how to confirm donations, here is the donation confirmation post! Confirm your charity donations here!

How to confirm:

♥ Make your donation to one of our approved organizations.

♥ Screencap either a donation confirmation page or a donation confirmation email sent to you by the organization. Please make sure your donation amount is visible on the screenshot!

♥ Black out any identifying information that you don't wish to be made public, then comment here with a link to your screencap and to the auction(s) you've won! You can make a lump sum donation if you've won several items; just be sure to link to all of them when you confirm your donation. Note: Comments are now screened to ensure bidders' privacy.

Any questions about the confirmation process? Please ask them on our FAQ post!
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