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Some awesome news

Mods are still in the process of notifying winners, but I was looking over the donation confirmation post that you offerers and bidders might want to see how great a success you've made this project! So far, confirmed payments total:


My jaw dropped as I added these up. You've all been unbelievably generous in offering up your time and money in support of this cause. Thank you!

Also, ninaelisabeth and I talked it over, and we will be holding a secondary auction for those offers that received no bids. There were so many offering posts that some were just lost in the crowd. Any thoughts in terms of dates that would work best for all of you? Time frame ideas? I was thinking it'd be something like a lightning round, open for a weekend or a full week at most, but we'd love to hear your input!
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Bidding ENDS

The Purple Dove's first bidding round is now closed.

Mods will officially inform winners of their successful bids within the next few days. Winners will have until the end of February to make their payments, and a further grace period can be requested if circumstances necessitate it.

Thank you all so much for your participation; the number and generosity of bids and offers has been overwhelming. ♥ I'll be putting up a feedback post within the next week or so, also, so that we'll be able to tweak the auction structure according to your comments and concerns next time!
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Auction Deadline Reminder

Heads up, offerers and bidders! The Purple Dove's first auction round will end on:

Saturday, January 8th, 2011 at Noon EST.

Any bids made after this time will not count, so get them in ASAP! After the auction ends, mods will notify winning bidders, who will be given an initial payment deadline. Thank you so much to all of you for your offers and bids so far! Edit: 2011. I'm not used to this new year yet!
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Donation Confirmation!

As we've had quite a few Buy It Nows and early-end auctions, and several questions about where and how to confirm donations, here is the donation confirmation post! Confirm your charity donations here!

How to confirm:

♥ Make your donation to one of our approved organizations.

♥ Screencap either a donation confirmation page or a donation confirmation email sent to you by the organization. Please make sure your donation amount is visible on the screenshot!

♥ Black out any identifying information that you don't wish to be made public, then comment here with a link to your screencap and to the auction(s) you've won! You can make a lump sum donation if you've won several items; just be sure to link to all of them when you confirm your donation. Note: Comments are now screened to ensure bidders' privacy.

Any questions about the confirmation process? Please ask them on our FAQ post!
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Bidding BEGINS!

Bidding at The Purple Dove Project is now open!

A little extra information about bidding:

♥ If you are the first bidder, you can take advantage of the Buy it Now option, which will close that particular auction immediately. Once anyone has placed a bid below the Buy it Now price, that option is no longer applicable.

♥ Remember that bids must be raised by at least a dollar each time. The first bid must at least match the starting bid price specified in the offer!

Offering will also remain open until the end of the bidding round!
The Purple Dove Project


There have been a huge misunderstanding between the mods (or rather, me reading a mail wrong) so we've been giving out different information on when bidding will open. kishmet  have said noon EST, and I've said 11 EST. 

So, we are clearing any confusion now and going with noon/12 PM EST. The reason I choose to do this is because I do not want people who were told noon would come back right  before noon and see the offering they want to be bought already. This would be unfair. 

I'm really sorry if this cause any trouble for any of you, but this is my call right now. So, to everyone. If you have any questions, or complaints, direct those to the FAQ post, or PM me, ninaelisabeth .

Any bids placed before this will not be valid; they will be screened/deleted without warning. 

Click here to see when bidding opens in your timezone, or here for a countdown.

Comments are turned off to keep questions in the FAQ post.
The Purple Dove Project

So far, so good

I hope everyone is having fun offering and cracking their knuckles getting ready to bid! I’ve already set my eyes on a couple offers, at least, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

But, as excited were are for bidding, that is not quite yet. Today, I just have a little bit of information and then some goodies. First off, kishmet  and I, wanted to thank mariesen and an anonymous giver, for paid time. We are so grateful - thank you so much!

Then, I wanted to remind everyone that the community is not open for bidding yet. Bidding will open Saturday December 11th, at 12PM EST. There will definitely be a reminder or two before then, but if you want to check when that is in your time zone, click here. Any bids placed before this will not be valid in the bidding round.

Onto what I'm really here for; a graphics post! Here are some Purple Dove Project graphics for you; to spread the word about the Project and to make it easier for you to guide people to your offering thread.

If you are an graphics maker yourself, or maybe you scribbled an adorable dove in your notebook in maths yesterday and want to share it, this is also the post for you. Comment to the first comment in this entry, titled HERE, with your icons, wallpapers, origami doves, whatever you felt like. I'll update this entry with links as we go on, and they will all be listed here.

Beneath the cut
★ Icons
★ Community advertisement banners
★ "I Offer" banners 

All banners are with html code, simple copy+paste.

Collapse )

That's it for this time around!

Remember the community is not open for bidding yet. Bidding will open Saturday December 11th, at 11AM EST. Any bids placed before this will not be valid in the bidding round. If you want to check when bidding opens in your time zone, click here.

Any questions? Go ask them in the FAQ post. All questions not related to this post asked here, will be ignored.
The Purple Dove Project

Offering Posts Index

The Purple Dove Project have officially started!

If you want to offer anything, then you're at the right place. This is an index on the Offering Posts.

We're limiting offerings to 2000 per post, to cushion for bids and confirmations later on.
As soon as one posts hit 2000, we will disable comments and post a new one. It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Active Posts
Offering Words
Offering Audio
Offering 2-D Art
Offering 3-D Art
Offering Edibles
Offering Miscellaneous

Any other questions? Ask them on our FAQ post, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Comments are turned off to keep questions in the FAQ post.
The Purple Dove Project

Offering Miscellaneous

All offering posts are open for bidding!

Comment on this post if you are offering anything not covered by the other posts; for example: fanvids, tarot readings, articles of clothing, care packages, letters, or any other miscellaneous items or services.

How to offer:

Copy and paste the form below into a comment, and fill out all non-optional fields. You can find an example offering comment in the community's user info.

Please include a brief summary of your offer in the subject field. For instance: Offering Chicago-themed care package.

Under the delivery section, please list the approximate date by which you expect your offered item or service to be completed and the method by which it will be delivered - via email, snail mail, or other.

If you choose, under alternate contact method you can list an IM name or specify that you would prefer to be contacted via IM or LiveJournal PM, rather than email. Under additional info, you can specify that you are offering more than one of the item or service; you can specify the charity or charities you would prefer your winning bidder to donate to; and you can also specify method of postage, if applicable, and whether you will expect your winning bidder to pay/split shipping costs.

How to bid:

Reply to an offering comment with your bid. Bids must be raised by at least $1 (USD) each time. If yours is the first bid, you can choose to pay the buy it now price, thus ending bidding on that item.

General offering and bidding rules:

Please do not delete any offering or bidding comments! If you have a problem, please contact the mods, and we will help you resolve the issue.

Any other questions? Ask them on our FAQ post, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

You do not have to offer in order to bid later, and vice versa. You may offer an item or service, or bid on an item or service, or both, if you so choose.

You may offer and bid on as many items as you like, but please keep it reasonable! Ideally all offered items and services will be delivered to their winning bidders by late February or early March, though we know some may take more time.