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Offering 2-D Art

All offering posts are open for bidding!

Comment on this post if you are offering 2-D art: fanart, original art, critique on sketches, paintings etc., or any other two dimensional artistic items or services.

How to offer:

Copy and paste the form below into a comment, and fill out all non-optional fields. You can find an example offering comment in the community's user info.

Please include a brief summary of your offer in the subject field. For instance: Offering full color fanart, Tokio Hotel, My Chemical Romance, other bandoms.

Under the delivery section, please list the approximate date by which you expect your offered item or service to be completed and the method by which it will be delivered - via email, snail mail, or other.

If you choose, under alternate contact method you can list an IM name or specify that you would prefer to be contacted via IM or LiveJournal PM, rather than email. Under additional info, you can specify that you are offering more than one of the item or service; you can specify the charity or charities you would prefer your winning bidder to donate to; and you can also specify method of postage, if applicable, and whether you will expect your winning bidder to pay/split shipping costs.

How to bid:

Reply to an offering comment with your bid. Bids must be raised by at least $1 (USD) each time. If yours is the first bid, you can choose to pay the buy it now price, thus ending bidding on that item.

General offering and bidding rules:

Please do not delete any offering or bidding comments! If you have a problem, please contact the mods, and we will help you resolve the issue.

Any other questions? Ask them on our FAQ post, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

You do not have to offer in order to bid later, and vice versa. You may offer an item or service, or bid on an item or service, or both, if you so choose.

You may offer and bid on as many items as you like, but please keep it reasonable! Ideally all offered items and services will be delivered to their winning bidders by late February or early March, though we know some may take more time.
Tags: 2da1, offerings, round 1
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