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The Purple Dove Project

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Round 1 offerings are now open; bidding opens on Saturday, December 11th at 12 noon EST!

About the project

The Purple Dove Project is a fandom auction intended primarily to help combat anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools, in homes, and elsewhere. All winning bids will go to organizations actively working toward this cause, or to organizations actively working to support or promote LGBTQ rights. Bidding will begin sometime in early December. Please do not bid until bidding officially opens.

Important links:
FAQ/Welcome Post
Userinfo/FAQ Translation Post (in progress)
Offering Words
Offering Audio
Offering 2-D Art
Offering 3-D Art
Offering Edibles
Offering Miscellaneous

How you can get involved

You can offer fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, podfic, beta reading/critique, original fic, arts and crafts, baked goods, souvenirs, care packages, or just about anything else you can imagine! Then, once bidding opens you can bid on any number of other offers that interest you.

How to offer an item or service

1. Join the community via the userinfo page.

2. Find the appropriate offering post for your auction entry. If you're offering fanfiction, for instance, then your offer belongs on the Offering Words post. If you're offering a fanart sketch, your offer belongs on the Offering 2D Art post. If you're offering jewelry, your offer belongs on the Offering 3D Art post, and so on! If your entry doesn't seem to fit under any other category, then it belongs on the Offering Miscellaneous post.

3. Comment with your offer! The subject line of your comment should briefly summarize your auction entry; for example, Offering: Full color fanart. This will make it easier for your offer to be catalogued later.

The rest of your comment should look similar to this:

User Name: kishmet
Email Address: kishtrethya[at]gmail[dot]com

Offer: I will write fanfic of no less than 3000 words in the following fandoms: Tokio Hotel, American Idol Seasons 7 and/or 8, Firefly/Serenity, Dollhouse. I write primarily slash, but I'm willing to give femslash, het, or gen a try in any of my listed fandoms. I may be willing to write in other fandoms I'm familiar with; just contact and ask me before bidding!

Find examples of my work at: My LiveJournal or My Tokio Hotel Fanfiction account.

Delivery: I will have your story written by January 1st.

Starting bid: $10.

Buy It Now: $50.

How to bid

Bidding will open about a week after the offering posts open. When you find an offer you'd like to bid on, reply to that comment with the amount of money you wish to bid, plus what you're bidding on if more than one service or item is offered. If someone else raises the bid in a reply to your comment, bid again by replying to their reply with a higher offer. This will continue until the auction closes and the highest bid wins. A moderator and/or the offerer will comment to you and let you know if you've won an auction item!

There is also a "buy it now" option. "Buy it now" can be exercised with the first bid on an auction. Once "Buy It Now" has been exercised, further bidding will not be allowed.

How to pay

Make a donation to The Trevor Project, the It Gets Better Project, the NOH8 Campaign, or any organization working to support LGBT youth and/or fighting against anti-LGBT bullying. We will have a post where you or the offerer can confirm your donation, and all donations will then be tallied up and we will announce the total amount of donations made.

How to help spread the word

We can use all the publicity we can get! You can use the banner below to help us advertise on your journal, in your userinfo, and on any other communities that will allow it - make sure to read the rules or ask before posting in another comm!



If you run a community or website and would like to affiliate with The Purple Dove Project, please email the mods at thepurpledoveproject[at]gmail[dot]com!

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Questions can be asked in the comments of this post, or you can contact the mods (ninaelisabeth and kishmet) at thepurpledoveproject[at]gmail[dot]com.

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